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Find the right solutions to your health and medical needs with services from McGinnis Women's Medical Care.
We specialize in providing Obstetrical and Gynecological care to women of all ages.
From Puberty to Menopause our providers can help you reach your specific health goals and needs. Our team of experts help you recognize the problems and take action to decrease or eliminate potential impacts to your health. 

It is a known fact that women as primary caretakers for the family unit often times neglect their own personal needs. Everyone and everything else  is given priority before she can relax or pay attention to her individual needs. 

These needs change throughout all stages of the female life cycle, from puberty through the menopausal years. Whether she needs encouragement though pubescent years, information about sexuality, fertility, PMS, perimenopause, or menopause, the need to focus on health and wellness could not be more important . Having a healthcare provider who is up to date on the latest information, technologies and treatment modalities can make all the difference. Providing these can help women to empower themselves with pride and take control of their health and wellness.

Each person is different and our individualized approach allows us to create achievable goals that are based on your lifestyle and physicality. . Whether it be Menstrual Disorders, PMS. PMDD, Pregnancy, Contraception, Infertility or Menopause... Our experienced Physicians and Nurse Practitioners are committed to help you make the changes in your life and health care.. Our goal at McGinnis Women's Medical care is to give you the knowledge and the tools to increase self awareness, and promote health and wellness so you too can feel good about your mind, your body and yourself!

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Womens Health Care through all phases of Life !