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From the Desk of Dr. Mary Joyce McGinnis......                                             


   Medical school and residency give doctors the education and basic skills to practice medicine but these are least important factors in being an effective and caring physician. I went to Georgia State University and Emory University School of medicine in Atlanta, doing a year of general medicine in Columbus, GA and 3 years OB-GYN at the medical college of Georgia. I became Board Certified in 1985 and since 1978 I have devoted my life to women's reproductive care and all of its aspects.

   I did not start my own practice until I was 50 years old and ready to take the best of my prior experiences to create the commitment my patients deserve. My prior experiences in rural medicine, running a family planning clinic and being assistant Professor at the University of Alabama provided me with insights into dealing with all types of women in a caring, nonjudgmental way. I built a practice in the capital district spanning over 22 years while working for others. During the past decade, I have assembled an office staff of exceptional quality who share my commitment to empowering women.

   In my office the focus is on making all of our patients comfortable with the atmosphere, using communication, education, humor, and clinical excellence to help women take control of their health and reproductive lives. The life experience of all who work here help us to understand how medical issues affect our patients, as I too was treated for Breast Cancer and today I am a breast cancer survivor. I and the other clinicians know from personal experience the pain of losing a parent, dealing with children's crises, financial distress, serious illness, surgery and the tragedy of seeing loved ones affected by dementia. We all try to address the issues that are important to our patients, deal with the ones we can, and help with referrals if problems are beyond our expertise. Be assured that everyone in our office is dedicated to women's care and treat our patients as they would want a family member treated.

Thank You.



From the Desk of Dr. Gina Gregory.....                                                        

Originally from upstate New York, my first medical memory is of me sprinting around a stainless steel exam room table attempting to escape the doctor determined to cut a skin tag off the tip of my 10 year old nose. After that experience, understandably I really had no interest in medicine.  Later as I traveled the world, one thing was clear. Good health is crucial to living a happy, productive life. I wanted to be part of enhancing that very important component in people’s lives.

I decided to become an Osteopathic physician since I very much agreed with the philosophy of Osteopathy - when the body’s motion is in balance, a state of health exists. This allows me to fulfill my desire to partner with patients in achieving optimal health and foster that for myself and my family as well.

While working in Mexico, I realized the quiet power of the woman in the household. And as Greg Mortensen, the author of "Three Cups of Tea" states, “Educate a boy and you educate an individual. Educate a girl and you educate a community.”  Women’s health is dear to me because there are so many pivotal points in a woman’s life in which huge changes occur that impact not only themselves but all of those around them. It is a privilege to partner with patients to facilitate optimal health. I am particularly interested in working with adolescents and reproductive health issues - including family planning and prenatal care due to the education and prevention opportunities.  I also speak Spanish and have done medical work abroad in Mexico, Bolivia and India.

I have recently returned to the Capital District from the Bay area in California to join McGinnis Women's Medical Care. I am very happy and very excited to share life and my experiences with my two beautiful children who arrived from Ethiopia a few years ago. Having had the first-hand experience of my son’s bout with chronic Giardia and how it impacted his health and our family really makes me appreciate so many things. Now, all are in good health. I welcome you to my practice and look forward to partnering with you to achieve the best health possible!